Scrap Metal Recycling

At Johnny Metal Recycling’s we offer cash for scrap, on items such as copper, lead, stainless steel, brass, nickel, steel, aluminium, and wire. Plus scrap cars, truck parts, trailers and tractor equipment, radiators, batteries, extrusion, and more.

Copper – $$$$

Copper is a reddish color if it is in good condition. If it is a bit worn, it can have a darker brown color with some green rusted areas. Copper is a common material in your home. You may find it as plumbing pipes, roofing materials like gutters, and inside air conditioners. Electrical wires also contain copper; underneath that black or colored plastic insulation is bright colored copper wire. Copper is one of the most valuable metals to recycle. So, separating it from your other metals can earn you some “pat-on-the-back” money for recycling it at your scrap yar.

Aluminium – $

Aluminium is often painted, but unpainted, it is a whitish, silver color. It bends easily if it is thin. Aluminium cans are often collected and brought to the scrap yards in bulk.You can find it in many places throughout your house, including gutters, siding, window frames, doors, and more. Recycled aluminum saves 80 percent of the energy that was used to make it originally, so it’s important to recycle this metal.

Brass – $$

Brass is yellowish with a hint of red in it and is quite heavy. You can often find brass in hardware like keys, door handles, light fixtures, and bathroom fixtures. Composed of copper and zinc, brass is used often in plumbing fixtures and also at the end of copper piping.

Steel – $

Steel often rusts easily and a magnet will stick to it. Steel is one of the most common metals used throughout the world. You can find in many places, from your car to chairs, shelves, cabinets, and more. Steel is one of the most recycled materials. It can be melted down and reused over and over.

Batteries - $$

There is a major demand old batteries and lead scrap metal, so don’t just let your old battery sit and gather dust on your property. Johnny Metal Recycling we offer cash for batteries, and we offer best prices base on market. With our metal recycling service, you can reduce wastage and help the environment as well as receive cash for your unwanted items.

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