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Did you know that stainless steel is 100% recyclable and therefore environmentally sustainable? At Johnny Metal Recycling, we can provide a stainless steel scrap recycling service to ensure that this valuable raw material is not wasted. Fully equipped with the ability to systematically separate, recover and dispose of stainless steel scrap. We provide the best prices for stainless steel and machine scrap.

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Stainless steel is the material of choice for industries because it has unique properties that make recycling more economical. It can be recycled indefinitely without ever losing its quality, making environmental concerns lessened by one crucial element. The presence of nickel and chromium in stainless provides an extra economic incentive to recycle it rather than demand increasing resources from virgin sources putting strain on the environment while also allowing these materials to be repurposed instead which helps our recyclers division at the company because they can break down all types of scrap into two categories industrial or reclaimed steels.

Why Recycle Stainless steel?

Since stainless steel is made up of 60% recycled content, it has numerous benefits for the environment. Its durability and corrosion resistance means less waste is generated than with other materials or metals. It can also be recycled or reused an indefinite amount of times without any loss in its physical properties, which decreases the rate at which it would be mined.

Another great aspect of recycling stainless steel is its low embodied energy. This means the amount of energy used in the production process for one tonne is less than that required by other metals such as aluminium and titanium, which require extra steps such as smelting to remove impurities. Smelting has a much higher associated cost with lower quality output.

The process for recycling steel is cheaper than the production of new steel, saving energy and resources. The quality of recycled content can be as high or higher than that of the original metal, but the cost associated with it are much lower which leads to a competitive edge in stainless steel recycling. With so many benefits, why wouldn’t you recycle stainless steel?

Our Stainless Steel Scrap Prices

If you’re looking for the best stainless steel recycling price in Melbourne, contact us today. We strive to maintain the advantage when it comes to stainless steel scrap price
– that means offering our clients great value for their stainless steel scrap.

We offer Melbourne buyers competitive prices on stainless steel of all grades, including sinks, rods, sheets, pipes of different grades and steel offcuts in Melbourne. We also offer good rebates on white goods and other items that contain salvageable stainless steel.

We know our clients value their time – that is why we will organise the delivery of your stainless steel scrap and ensure it reaches our yard as soon as possible. Once we receive your payment, we’ll call you and pay you for your scrap.

We pride ourselves on our quick and easy process, as well as the high quality of service we provide. For the best prices on stainless steel scrap, call us today to find out more information about how we work and get a quote.


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