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Are you looking for a place to recycle your scrap lead? Johnny Metal Recycling can offer efficient service and remove any impurities in the process. With our easily moulded designs, we have an advantage over other types of metals which results in higher rates of recycling at low costs! This means high prices when it comes time sell or trade items containing this valuable material – something that would otherwise go into landfills with all its potential recyclability gone forever if left unchecked by us here at Johnny’ Metal Recycling Service.
lead acid batteries scrap

Uses for Scrap Lead in Melbourne

The scrap lead industry thrives off the recycling of old batteries and other products. Products like iron and steel rolled extrusions (heavy construction), pigments (for paints) or cable sheathing all use some form of metal-containing it as an ingredient–lead has many uses in our modern world! Lead can also be found with its distinct colouration; used extensively across industries such Its current application span includes soldering for electronics manufacture but there are even more exciting things you’ll find at your local sports store if looking out for this key component: Lead Alloys which helps keep equipment moving smoothly by lowering friction levels between surfaces when necessary. Lead can cause health problems if mishandled, but there are several more versatile and beneficial metals with sufficient care. This is popular and desirable for recycling.

Scrap Lead We Collect

  • Clean Lead Scrap
  • Range Lead
  • Wheel Weights
  • lead acid batteries scrap
  • Recovered Shot
  • Tank Lead
  • Linotype
  • Soft Lead
  • Mixed Lead
  • Lead Bar/ Block
  • Tin
  • Steel Encased Lead
  • Aluminium
  • Nuclear Pharmacy Lead Scrap
  • 99% Remelt Sows Lead
  • Antimonial Lead
  • Solder-Bar/Wire
  • Tungsten

We’re your one-stop destination for scrap metal recycling. We follow complete compliance and regulations when it comes to disposing of the material, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting rid of that old lead!

If you have lead scrap for sale, you can get the best lead recycling prices from Johnny Metal Recycling. If you contact us as soon as possible, we will respond sincerely and give you an accurate quote. You can contact us on 0449 894 456 or by email.


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