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Johnny Metal Recycling is a company that helps to promote sustainable development and ecological environmental protections through the recycling of copper. Copper is a metal widely used in various fields such as industrial equipment, electronics, transportation, light industry, national defence, and telecommunications. At Johnny Metal Recycling, we proudly recycle copper scrap to promote sustainability and protect the environment. By encouraging recycling rather than dumping it in landfills, we make it easy for our customers to sell copper at an affordable price.

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Different types of scrap copper we collect

Australia has become one of the world’s most important producers of copper and copper reserves. This means we produce a lot of copper that is used for a variety of applications. We believe copper recycling provides many benefits, so it is important to support and promote it. A well-known and trusted copper scrap trader, Melbourne Copper Recycling Company not only conserves natural resources but also reduces waste that fills landfills and causes subsequent pollution. Copper processing also helps reduce the shortage of refined copper.

As a fast-growing 100% Australian scrap recycling dealer we specialize in recycling copper scrap in Melbourne, including copper coils, copper radiators scrap, batteries and all types of unalloyed/alloyed copper. We also accept:

  • Copper pipe scrap
  • Copper wire scrap
  • Copper bus bar scrap

Why Choose Us?

We are a Melbourne-based scrap dealer who specializes in copper and other nonferrous metals. We aim to offer the best prices for your precious metals so that you can decide which company will do their job best! Our collection staff have years of expertise, using digital scales operated by highly trained professionals with a knack towards accurate valuations–and we only take high-quality items too. Our collection systems are designed for the smooth collection and smooth recycling. It also ensures that the service is convenient and does not interfere with your work.

If you are looking for the best prices on copper scrap, don’t hesitate to contact Johnny Metal Recycling. With our services, we can help recycle your old metal and support a sustainable environment while doing so! Call today or book an appointment online if needed.


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