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PVC Electric Wire Scrap in Melbourne

Cables are an integral part of any electrical system. They can be found at outlets, in homes and offices around the world – even if you don’t see them as a cable assembly on your wall or under floorboards! Unfortunately, their production has been increasing due to increased demand for technology that requires larger amounts from resources such as metal alloys or copper PVC wire scrap which may otherwise have gone toward another purpose like fabricating car parts instead. Fortunately, there’s Johnny Metal Recycling who process recyclable materials from this waste stream by recycling plastics into new products while also recovering various scrap iron/steel metals.
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Why is Electric PVC Wire Recycling Essential?

Today, the vast majority of PVC scrap is eventually landfilled, which harms the environment and cannot end the disposal dilemma of Melbourne plastic recyclers. PVC scrap can damage the infrastructure, pollute the environment with groundwater pollution, and generate noise, dust and odours. Recycling electric cables provides a long-term solution for waste management. Since PVC is the second most widely used plastic after polyethene, recycling can minimize the demand for unused PVC. In addition, recycling uses only half of the energy used to produce 100% original PVC. Overall, the impact of recycling electrical cables on the environment and climate change is much smaller.

Competitive Scrap Electric Wire prices

At the core of our business lies a commitment to cutting-edge PVC recycling practices that protect the environment. We also ensure all clients get competitive prices for their scrap to incentivize them and it’s a win/win situation between us! Providing excellent service with 100% recyclability, Melbourne plastic recyclers provide high-quality products by preventing serious environmental effects caused from avoiding plastics or metals in disposal methods alone; contact today if you have any old electrical cables lying around at home ready for collection – we will be more than happy to collect them.


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