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Electric Motors Scrap in Melbourne

Do you have one or more scrap engines that you want to sell at a good price? Johnny Metal Recycling accepts all kinds of scrap electric motors, electric starter motors, alternators and electric tools scrap. Instead of disassembling the engine into components and materials and throwing them away in landfills that are harmful to the environment, we provide efficient engine recycling that can be reused and reused. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our quality service and affordability.
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Johnny Metal Recycling is the place in Melbourne, Australia where you can find all types of scrap metal buyers. We handle everything from small motors and aluminium to copper – there’s nothing we don’t deal with! It is important to us that you find the perfect solution for your Scrap. We offer competitive prices and a convenient collection program, tailored specifically around what’s best suited in terms of engine type/condition as well as other factors such as how much lead or stainless steel there may be present on an item. You can also rest assured knowing we have quality recyclers ready 24 hours per day 7 days out each week to ensure every scrap motor is being recycled responsibly!

Where Are Motors Found?

Electric motors are often found in vacuums, ceiling fans, computers and air conditioners. These appliances have moving parts that function thanks to an electric motor which is heavy with copper coils through it! They’re also popular for recycling due to a large amount of scrap collected by these types of devices. Electric motors work as a powerful source of energy that can be used by many different types of devices such as air conditioners to provide cool relief from hot weather conditions; refrigerators for storing food items which will last much longer when not exposed to warmth from other sources like open ovens at home cooking meals on stovetop burner.

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