Battery Scrap Recycling

Used lead-acid batteries contain lead, lead compounds and sulphuric acid, all elements that are considered to be hazardous waste. As a result, batteries cannot be disposed of with normal types of rubbish, as it’s possible for these toxic contents to trickle from the landfill they end up in and leak into the environment.

battery scrapFortunately, batteries can be recycled and repurposed so they can become new products rather than going to waste. Recycling batteries is also beneficial in that doing so requires a significantly lower amount of energy than refining virgin ore does.

If you have any battery scrap that you have no use for, it’s highly recommended that you sell it to a scrap metal dealer in Melbourne who can provide you with fair payment for it. At Johnny Metal Recycling, we’re proud to be a premium Melbourne scrap metal dealer offering fair prices for old battery scrap.

Our organisation has earned itself a great reputation for providing metal collection services to residential, commercial and industrial clients, paying them good money for battery scrap. You can rely on us to collect your old unwanted batteries and quote a reasonable price based on its condition, type and age.

Types of Battery Scrap We Can Collect

  • Car and truck batteries scrap
  • Forklift batteries scrap
  • Excavator batteries scrap
  • And more

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